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‘Sun Innovations’ high-tech company

‘Sun Innovations’ is an integrated manufacturer that specializes in development, production, sale and maintenance of high-tech equipment and consumables for various kinds of wide format printing. The company manufactures sells and ships wide format UV printers belonging to its own brands SUN Universal UV-LED and Sunflower UV ink to 40 countries around the world. Corporate operations are certified against the ISO 9001 requirements.


Unique prices for UV printers

Currently, you can buy a wide-format UV-printer or digital uv-led printer with discounts.

Unique price for print heads

Discount printheads Konica Minolta, Spectra and XAAR until the end of May 2014

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Production and distribution of UV inks and UV-LED printers and plotters

Our clients have the opportunity of buying SUN Universal UV-LED UV printers and Sunflower UV ink that are developed by an international team of chemists and engineers and combine the best traditions of national science and industry leaders’ experience. The company aim is to provide the Russian wide format printing market with an opportunity to develop using its own technologies and to contribute to their enhancement and usage all over the world. You can buy a wide format UV printer by contacting our client relations department.


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Engineering department of ‘Sun Innovations’ company is a team of physicists, engineers, specialists in electronics and designers who used all their talents to develop one of the best wide format UV printers (plotters) in the UV printing world market - SUN Universal UV-LED. Nowadays the engineering department of ‘Sun Innovations’ is working on further enhancement of Sun Universal UV-LED 1.6 light, Sun Universal UV-LED 1.6 PRO, Sun Universal UV-LED 2.5 light and Sun Universal UV-LED 2.5 PRO in order to provide the best quality of printing regardless of surface type.


Chemical production

Sun Innovations has its own chemical laboratory in which UV ink, solvent ink and Sunflower primers are being developed. The laboratory is equipped with analytical, production and general laboratory equipment made by leading global producers, such as VMA-Getzmann, VAB, Buhler, Brookfield, Lauda, etc. The chemical research process and internal company operations of ‘Sun Innovations’ meet the requirements of ISO 900.

UV ink, solvent ink and Sunflower primers are produced of high quality components made in Europe and the USA: BASF (Germany) &Ciba (Switzerland) photoinitiators, Clariant pigment (Germany), CYTEC monomers and oligomers (Belgium), additional components (agents) - Dow (the USA), LUBRIZO (England).